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Below are some webpages that might help you understand The Outsiders a little more. I know these sites exist, therefore, DO NOT depend on these for studying! You need to read the material presented in class as well!



The Outsiders Newspaper Assignment

            Newspaper reporters have a minor role to play in author S.E. Hinton’s award-winning novel, The Outsiders. In Chapter 7, they converge on Ponyboy and his friends at the hospital where the boys are waiting to hear what will become of Johnny. The media make heroes out of the two boys, and Hinton even gives readers the headline of the day – Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes. The rescue of the children trapped in a burning church is splashed across the front page, along with stories about the gang rivalries and the death of Bob.


The sample story below is an example of how the initial news story might appear in the paper. In real life, reporters would have more detail to go on…


Teen Murdered in Park


Bob Brown, a popular high school senior, was stabbed to death in an East Side park yesterday. The seventeen-year-old student died from wounds inflicted by a switchblade knife, according to police. The body was discovered near the park fountain by a woman out for an early morning walk with her dog.


Two boys are wanted by police for questioning in Brown’s death. The boys were seen hanging around the park early in the evening.


The parents of the slain boy have made no comment about their son’s death. Family friends say they are too distraught to talk with the media. Teens in the posh West Side neighborhood where Brown grew up describe him as “popular” and “part of the in crowd.”


Local youth are being brought in for questioning in what police suspect is a gang-related crime. Decade-old rivalries between East Side and West Side gangs have flared up recently.





     Create the front page of the newspaper from The Outsiders. (Include the title, date, and headlines with byline)


     Include at least 3 articles relating to The Outsiders.

           -Each article must be at least 4 paragraphs


     Include at least 1 photograph relating to an article.



     Be creative! Pay attention to grammar and spelling!


If you run out of ideas or need some help:


     The fight and killing in the park (you may use the articles you wrote earlier, but these need to be changed since you have more information now – e.g. quotes from Cherry Valance and Randy Adderson).

     The fire in the old church at Windrixville and the rescue of the children (including a quote from a parent).

     A special feature about the Curtis boys: the death of their parents; Darry and his 2 jobs; Sodapop the dropout; Ponyboy the star student; the possibility that the younger boys will be sent to a children’s home.

     Perhaps also a feature on the two gangs: Greasers and Socs (who are they?).


1. Write a headline (and possibly a sub-heading as well).


2. Include the following information in your first paragraph:

        Who? What? When? Where?


3. When you mention people: give their full names (e.g. Ponyboy Curtis – not Ponyboy!) but after the first time they are mentioned, call them by their surname (e.g. Cade and Curtis are being sought by Tulsa police.)

give their age (see how this is done above) give their occupation


4. Your first paragraph will tell the whole story in a brief form. Add plenty of detailed information in the other paragraphs.


5. Include at least one short quote from someone you interviewed (e.g. one of Bob Sheldon’s friends, or Cherry).


6. Aim for excellence! Do your best!




Although you will be given time to complete this assignment in class, this is a final assessment for the novel. If you wish to complete it at home or ahead of time, please do. Email it to and be sure to include your name!

 ~password : "free"






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Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny!