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MOST homework assignments consist of writing your vocabulary or spelling words in sentences of NO less than 8 words. If, however, I give you the option to create an assignment or do an alternate assignment, here are some examples that I have seen or used:


Write each work three times using different colored pens/pencils


Write a letter to someone using at least 10 of the words.


Use at least 10 of the words in a paragraph or story.


Divide each word into syllables.


Write a synonym for each word.


Write an antonmy for each word.


Make a work search using graph paper


Add a prefix to each word when appropriate.


Add a suffix to each word when appropriate.


Look up each word and write the definition.


Write the words in REVERSE aplhabetical order.


Volcano: Create a volcano with your spelling words. For example, if your word was “planet” begin with “an” and then continue adding letters to create a “volcano.”






Kite: On your kite, write a spelling word. Create bows that will be on the string to your kite. On the bows, write rhyming words or words that mean the same as your vocabulary/spelling word.







Syllable caterpillar: Using an egg carton, spell your word out using its syllables. If my word were “planet” I would need 3 sections to my caterpillar: the “pl” “an” and “et.” Connect with a string or pipe cleaner and give antennae and eyes!






Clothesline: Each week our classroom will have the vocabulary and spelling words on the “Language Clothesline.” If you would like, create your own clothesline of words. Be sure to be creative with the shapes and pins!!!






Pasta: Using a vocabulary/spelling word, make a pasta necklace. Use large pasta to write your spelling words and a simile for each. You may use 1 piece for the word and another for the simile!




Compound caterpillar: If we have a compound word, you may create a compound caterpillar. Using a large piece of paper create a caterpillar shape. Fold the ends to the center and write the 2 separate words of the compound word on the ends. Then, open the caterpillar and write the compound word together. Decorate with eyes and an antenna.


Shape words: Write each of your words on a large sheet of paper in different shapes that help you remember the meaning or spelling of the word!







Blue ribbon words: Congratulations! Your word has just won the blue ribbon in the latest Vocabulary/Spelling Word Contest!!! Your job is to create the blue ribbon and on the two ribbons that come down from it write definition, similes, syllables, etc. Whatever you think is most important!






Pasta mosaic: Using small pasta, decorate a sheet of construction paper using your words. COMPLETELY cover the paper with pasta making sure that the words will stand out so we can find them! You may color or dye your pasta so it will be visible. Permanent Sharpie markers work better than regular magic markers.


Newspaper: Create the front page of a newspaper using your words! Be sure that the reader can understand the words through the context clues that you give them. Design the Headline and draw a picture for your front page!








Spelling with Food: Use any type of food to spell out at least 4 of your words. Note: you do NOT need to bring in the actual food, just take a picture of the words! You may email them to me or have them printed and bring them in to share!


Star Mobile: Put your word in the largest star. On the stars that will hang below, include the pronunciation of your word (find this in a dictionary), the definition of your word, similes, and antonyms. Include at least 4 smaller stars. You may use other ideas for the smaller stars, but make sure they relate to the word on the big star!







Poetry with Spelling Words: On a piece of paper, design your word down the left-hand side of your paper. Next to each letter, begin a sentence or phrase using that letter to begin it. Make sure the sentences relate to the word you are spelling! Complete this with at least 3 of your words for the week.









Phone Numbers: Use a phone to tell how you would spell out your words using the telephone.




Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny!